5 Ways to Look and Feel Totally Younger

There comes a time in everyone’s life when time simply begins to take its toll on all of us. Whether you’re looking to reverse this toll as much as you can, or you’re looking to start early and try to keep it away for as long as possible, here are 5 simple ways to look and feel younger.

Eating Green and Healthy

I’m sure this is obvious to most people but eating your greens and overall healthier is vital to looking and feeling good. Before venturing into healthy eating, you need to remember that there are no shortcuts or miracles that can last as long or have such an effect as changing your overall diet. This includes adding those greens to your plate every day, cutting the unnecessary sugar out of your diet, and even in this world of processed foods, find the organic and make it part of every meal.

Regular Exercise

Another, somewhat obvious answer, but regular exercise is vital to looking better and in the long run feeling great. Interval training is one of the best options for most people as it alternates between high and low-intensity activity. This burns fat efficiently and does not strain your body as much as exercising for a longer and steadier pace.

Get a dog

This may be surprising to just a few of you. A dog can be many things for many different people, but all dogs have a wide array of gifts to give to anyone. Dogs can help their owners socially by giving them consistent interaction, which helps with mental health especially in those who may be struggling through a darker time in their lives. Dogs also provide an incredible incentive to get up and go out. Keeping their owners active and healthy. According to a 12-year follow-up study, dog owners are more likely to live longer, with reduced chances of cardiovascular disease and death.

Keep in Touch with Friends

A simple thing to do that not many people think of. Socially interacting with others, whether on the phone or in person, will help you feel younger. Getting together with friends can be a great way to get out and be active together.

Find You’re Purpose or Calling

One last simple step, that very few people truly accomplish. A close friend once told me that many people start out trying to reach their dream but get lost in the process. Do not get lost in chasing your dreams. Make sure you make time to practice what makes you happy and stop making excuses to avoid it. If you truly want to do it, you’ll find a way.

A Final Word

Living a healthy life becomes far easier when you have someone else doing it with you. You’ll be able to keep each other in check and find new and creative ways to make healthy living simpler, and as we already discussed it will help keep up your social interactions. It also helps to do your research, finding people who know what they’re talking about or have already walked this path to help you walk yours. Healthy living is not always easy, but it is one of the few ways to live a longer and happier life. Just remember that you aren’t alone.