Meet The Entrepreneur Behind The Cover Of The August 2023 Issue Of Model & Mode Magazine: Jemima Joycelyn

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Meet Jemima Joycelyn, the visionary mind behind Creative Commercial Services, a dynamic marketing agency that transforms ideas into impactful realities. With a laser focus on graphic design, web design, social media prowess, content creation, thorough research, business development, and a spectrum of print solutions, Jemima takes pride in steering brands toward resounding success.

Creative Commercial Services is more than just a marketing agency; it’s a catalyst for businesses to thrive. By seamlessly integrating market research and innovative services, they orchestrate a symphony of print and digital marvels. Their canvas extends to businesses, service centers, organizations, and individuals alike, creating a comprehensive toolkit for turning visions into achievements. Social media becomes a strategic ally, graphic design springs to life, print materials radiate with professionalism, and web interfaces captivate audiences.

Jemima Joycelyn and Creative Commercial Services are definitely igniting visions, nurturing growth, and sculpting success, one creative endeavour at a time. Jemima recently had an engaging conversation with Model & Mode magazine, and here’s what unfolded during our meet-up.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting your Marketing Agency and how your journey in the industry began?

My inspiration was simple. My clients inspired me to turn my freelance business into a company and Creative.Commercial.Services Pty Ltd was born.

As a highly-strung, innovative creative, I enjoy assisting brands to grow and develop into their best potential. I have over 15+ years of industry experience as a graphic designer, marketer, and business development strategist, and worked with many brands in different industry sectors.

Your agency offers a wide range of creative commercial services, including graphic design, print, content creation, marketing, and business development. How do you ensure that each service complements the others to provide a comprehensive solution for your clients?

Great question! Innovation plays a key factor.

Upon consultation, we’d like to entail all the nitty gritty parts of the business and understand the key marketing components required in order to achieve the desired outcome. It doesn’t matter the scope of work; it can be as simple as a flyer design. Always asking the right questions is how we go by it; e.g., is branding the focus, promotional, or just a service you would like to emphasise? Then lay out a plan that fits the budget. If the client is open to expanding, I am only deeply excited to be working towards our goal.

Your mission is to provide the best possible service and solutions to make businesses stand out at their best. How do you ensure that you consistently deliver on this promise to your clients?

100% customer satisfaction is our top priority, and building customer relationships and transparency is highly valued within our business.

Educating clients on the back end of things and the outcome is part of our process. This creates a general overview and knowledge between both parties towards the project, its time frame, concepts, revisions, and many other details in the process. This working partnership helps us stay true to our core mission and provides our clients with 100% customer care, quality, and service.

How do you approach each client’s unique needs and challenges, and how do you help them achieve their specific goals and objectives?

Communication, transparency, and collaboration are key factors. Every job is different, and understanding the urgency and technical side of the job allows us to propose what would work best in the clients’ interest. If we’re both on the same page, it’s a win!

Brand development is a key focus of your agency. What strategies do you employ to ensure that your clients’ brands evolve and remain relevant in a constantly changing market?

We’re constantly researching, upgrading, and evolving as a company. Some main aspects we apply are:

– Consistency being one of our main aspects of branding.

– We’re more focused on the technical back-end of things such as SEO, Google ads, sm marketing trends, B2C, B2B sales and advertising campaigns, networking events, other print advertising materials, and so much more.. all generated through our brainstorming sessions in our client meetings.

We strongly believe marketing is a two way street and encourage our clients to participate and promote their individuality to brand and promote their products within their immediate communities as well.

The world of marketing and business development is ever-evolving. How do you stay ahead of industry trends and innovations to offer cutting-edge solutions to your clients?

Continuous research, growth, and development within our business have helped us gain momentum with our clients. We want to be known as a one-stop marketing agency. Our clients can be assured that their brand will be re-generated / generated with a socio-economic marketing approach from start to finish allowing them to generate revenue in the long run. It’s a co-working relationship, and my clients have the flexibility to reach out anytime for any inquiries, feedback, or information.

In your experience, what are the most common marketing challenges faced by businesses today, and how do you help them overcome these obstacles?

Everyone wants to work on a low budget! That’s understandable, given the current market circumstances. But through inspiration, influence, and effective pricing, we generate innovative ideas that help us expand our businesses. In my personal opinion, we’re both here to evolve and grow; that’s why we attracted each other, right?! We might as well give it our best shot, set goals, achieve them and generate leads.

Effective content creation is crucial for brand storytelling and engagement. Can you share some tips or strategies you use to create compelling and authentic content for your clients?

Yes! I love this bit; it’s the most creative aspect of branding and the most fun, in my opinion. Every client is different, and everyone has their own preferences.

We always encourage these strategies for my clients, and we implement them too.

– Don’t pick an audience; find your social presence first. Then create your social networking space. It’s a great way to understand and capture your audience. It doesn’t matter how big or small; interaction helps you grow and is the easiest approach.

– Sales is influence, so use your authentic journey to influence your audience and your community. This gives an opportunity to grow your brand and promote your products.

– Create and generate a storyline that adds value to your immediate community, such as bio-degradable products, brand authenticity (100%Australian made), and charities involved.

– Last but not least, be authentic to yourself. Your brand and business are a representation and an extension of you. Make it work!

As a Marketing Agency, you work with various businesses across different industries. How do you tailor your services to suit the unique needs and target audiences of each client?

Networking, research, and connecting the dots as if it were a road map. Also, my experience helps. I’ve been in this line of work for 15-plus years. Suitable marketing and business development strategies are put in place to undertake the tasks required for the next steps. In simple terms, see where the demand is or create demand and implement the necessary requirements.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for your Marketing Agency, and how do you plan to expand and further enhance the services you offer to businesses in the future?

I definitely want my agency to expand and branch out. I enjoy every aspect of it and have met some really great mentors, clients, mindsets, and more along this journey.

I’m on the verge of creating a 24/7 online creative hub, a community space (in the works) for individuals and clients, designers, coaches, etc, who share the same core values and innovative approach. I want to encourage the youth to engage more in their aspirations, goals and make it an overall fun networking space and business experience for anyone who would want to be a part of it.