Most Promising Model Of The Week: Meet The Beautiful Shaye Pramee

Shaye Pramee is a 28-year-old model who was originally from Bangladesh and raised in New Zealand. She currently works as a banker in ANZ. She was a finalist at Miss World 2019 and Miss World state finals 2020/21. She’s currently competing at the Miss Australia 2020 State Finals. Model & Mode Magazine recently caught up with Shaye to discuss her journey in the modelling industry and here’s what went down:

How were you actually ‘discovered?’


What are your favourite downtime activities?

I love reading, dancing, singing and spending time with family and friends.

How did you start with modelling?

I have done pageants in the past but I wish to progress my career in modelling.

What do you like most about the modelling industry?

I love the confidence it brings in others as well as how much it inspires others.

The downside to being a model?

Beauty Standards.

What has been the most memorable experience of your life as a model so far?

Being a finalist at the Miss World 2019 and Miss World Australia State Finals 2020/21 pageant as well as competing for the Miss Australia 2020 State Finals.

I’m guessing you’ve been in the industry for a few years now, what has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned. This can be about the industry or about yourself. Or both!

I gained confidence and learned to be brave enough even though I don’t meet the standard height requirement – I still got the opportunity to do photoshoots.

Working in an industry whose only emphasis is on the outside characteristics of a person, how have you stayed grounded?

Self-love and self-care.

Is your family supportive of your career?

Yes, they are. I am blessed to have such an amazing family.

What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

I would like to start my own business and hopefully win the title for Miss Australia so I can be inspirational and make a difference.


1. Last good movie I’ve seen: The Departed.

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? Sunrise early morning with a view of the ocean or beach.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Travel the world.

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d be…” Powerful.

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? How random and weird I am.