Man Of Style Of The Week: Introducing The Dashing Dennis Walter

Dennis Walter is 36 years of age and the founder of two digital advertising companies, and currently resurrecting a third digital enterprise; jack of all trades with an interest in menswear, cigars, music, chess, race biking, gaming, and the outdoors.

Model & Mode magazine recently caught up with Dennis, and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

I normally shop online only, with 90% of my buys being made specifically for me (MTM or MTO). eBay is a great source for second-hand high-quality items, especially when you know what to look for and if you know your body measurements.

What are your top tips for fashion for the cooler months?

Layer up – it not only adds protective layers to keep you from getting cold, but it´s also a great way to combine colors, textures, and designs.

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

A lot of different resources inspire me, be it books, films, or the accounts on IG I admire – there´s an abundance of guys with a great sense of style out there!

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

Not really – once you find out who you are and what you like to wear, it´s easy to stick to your drum. I´ve never cared much about fashion and prefer to dress exactly like I want – regardless of what´s “in” at the moment. This approach is much more sustainable and obtainable – since you only invest in pieces you will want to wear for the rest of your life.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

It really isn´t a thin line for me at all – since I´m dressing up mostly for myself, I don´t have to “please” anyone. Luckily, there are a lot of brands in my field of clothing that appreciate my aesthetics and are happy to partner up.

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

I´ve seen a lot of tonal looks as of late, so outfits centering around a certain color shade (light brown or cream, for example). These do really look great if you´re able to mix and match.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

It slowly turns to more sustainability and environmental consciousness – which is to applaud. Still, too many fast-fashion retailers are out there, feeding an already saturated mass market with goods of questionable quality and eco-impacts – this needs to stop, and people should seriously consider a “less is more” approach.

What clothes can we rid our wardrobes of that are considered very ‘last season’?

Phew, I definitely wouldn´t know – maybe the pair of ugly fashion sneakers with that blown-up, massively oversized dinghy sole?

What fashion advice would you give an emerging Men of Fashion Blogger?

Use Instagram as your inspiration mood board and consider your evolvement as a journey – you will buy things you will regret, you´ll wear stuff that will look odd two years from now, etc. Embrace this development as a “ better” process – you´ll find out what works best for you and what makes you feel like a million-dollar. Don´t copy trends – be unapologetically you.

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years; what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

I wouldn´t be able to really give sound advice here – but maybe a life principle of mine can be applicable here as well: “be yourself – everybody else is already taken”. This is not to say we can´t change for the better – just make sure you stay true to yourself and don´t let anyone else define your value.