Man Of Style Of The Week: Introducing The Charming Chulumanco August

Chulumanco August is a man of style who hails from South Africa, Cape Town. He loves minimal and earth colors. He believes in following your style, having your unique way of presenting yourself, and remembering fashion is a trend, but style is your true identity.

Model & Mode Magazine recently caught up with Chulumanco to discuss his journey in the fashion world, and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

When I go shopping, I always look out for minimal and earth colors; these colors bring versatility to combining outfits. 

What are your top tips when it comes to fashion for the hotter months?

Since summer is around the corner, gents should invest in clothing that will make your skin breathe and start with your essentials; that’s the way to build a versatile wardrobe. 

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

Purpose and teaching are great inspirations as a fashion creative; most of all, I get direction from these two aspects. 

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

To stay fashionable is not hard; you just need to keep up with the latest trends, but I advise every gent to focus on knowing your style; that’s a true definition of who you are.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

I always consider the way I style and combine clothes with a particular trend that brings in uniqueness and makes me a trendsetter. 

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

This year what I have noticed is that most of the well-known clothing brands are focusing more on loose fit styles, for me personally I don’t feel comfortable with this trend. I am more of a tight-fit gentleman.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

Fashion is changing each and every year that creates options for everyone to get out of their comfort zone.

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years; what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

Personally, I advise that for every gent to just keep everything simple when shopping, look for something that will be easy to wear with a lot in your wardrobe. To make things easy for yourself follow your style, have your unique way of presenting yourself, and remember – fashion is a trend but style is your true identity.

Inside The Lives Of Social Media Influencers

Life as an Influencer is becoming an increasingly stacked game. In a world of paid likes/followers, fickle algorithms, and those ‘lurky bots’, it’s become even harder to market yourself in 2019. With more Instagram Models on the scene than ever before; this creates a higher level of competition overall.

Gaining traction on social media often means hitting that elusive fan quota. However, it’s often a vague figure that allows you to qualify. This begs the question: how many people have to follow you or like your page in order to make you a legitimate Influencer? What will warrant enough credibility amidst a miasma of hashtagging and 24/7 responsiveness? You should start with applying a thick-skinned approach to negative comments (ironically, with much skin on show) and all ‘round people-pleasing.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. What does an Influence Marketer and/or Instagram Model actually do? Well, they create ‘sponsored content’. That means someone sends them something and they promote it to their audience, eg. “OMG this skin cream is the bomb, I now have no pimples”, or “this teeth whitening product is so great I can now allow myself to smile” – all the whilst being paid to give, let’s face it, an entirely biased review.

Influence Marketing is most usually carried out on the platform of choice: Instagram. According to Forbes Magazine, an Insta account with over one million followers can attract upwards of $50k for a single sponsored post: that’s certainly big bickies! What you may not know is that the social media landscape is continuing to change, and it’s not always in the interest of an Influence Marketer.

For example, have you heard of the term ‘Micro Influencer’? These are commonly described as ‘ordinary people’ (whatever that means) with a decent following of around 3000 followers. Usually, they aren’t ‘big-fish’ enough to score entirely free products, and they don’t always garner a genuine ‘hard-dried-ink’ modeling contract with, you know, an actual brand.

While the demand for Micro-Influencers grows (and will continue to do so during 2019); so does earning potential decline. This demographic is more often than not, underpriced. With so many people putting their hands up to assist e-commerce operators, for example, accepting the offer to post about a beach towel whilst wearing a bikini, this means that the value of a Micro Influencers’ engagement is vastly cheapened. It’s just supply and demand – economics 101.

The fact is, being a Micro-Influencer is generally not something to be taken too seriously. That’s because you can only ever earn a mere fraction of what your more socially mobile counterparts (you know those Insta peeps with the covetable green badge) can attract per post. What does this ‘Verified Badge’ on Instagram actually mean? Well, according to the platform itself, “a verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile. It means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

How do you get your very own Insta Badge? You can apply to get one by going into your platform’s settings tab, providing your ID, and waiting for that all-important response. However, there are no guarantees! But, that’s always the way, isn’t it? After all, there are no 100 percent shatter-proof formulas for achieving success in online marketing. Keep in mind that those ‘masterclasses’ will surely tell you differently, though.

Being an Instagram Model and marketing yourself is but a means to an end. It is not necessarily something to hinge your ‘bread-and-butter’ upon. If you are reaping the rewards as an Influence Marketer then more power to you. If you are still struggling and wondering why it’s not actually working for you, then remember things are never what they seem – especially when it comes to the world of social media/influencer marketing!

Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

Model Of The Week: Introducing The Beautiful Emily Nicks

Emily Nicks originally started modeling by posing for local hobbyist photographers shortly after moving to Portland, Oregon. Since then, her modelling career has evolved, to the point that now she’s comfortable with how her modelling career is going.

Model & Mode magazine recently caught up with Emily to discuss her journey in the industry and here’s what went down:

What do you like most about being a model?

Modeling allows me to be more in touch with my body. I have learned how to utilize certain poses and facial expressions to alter and enhance others’ perceptions of me through it. Being a model has also granted me an abundance of confidence. It has taught me the perennial value of confident, feminine expression.

Downside to being a model?

Having a career based largely on aesthetics makes it easy for me to compare myself to others in the industry. This competitiveness often causes models like me to wrestle with self-esteem issues and feelings of inferiority.

What has been the most memorable experience of being in the modelling industry so far?

Seeing my autonomy and self-confidence develop has been the most memorable experience of my modelling career. Using my body to express myself positively has exponentially increased my feelings of self-love and continues to do so every day.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

The most interesting people I have met throughout my modelling career have been other models. These women are some of the most courageous, tenacious, and compassionate people I know.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while in the modelling industry. This can be about the industry or about yourself.

My time in the modeling industry has strongly emphasized the value and necessity of autonomy. Independence from social expectations, unattainable standards, and pressure to compete is vital to one’s overall happiness in both thought and practice.

Is your family supportive of you being a model?

My family is largely supportive of me being a model. Like most parents, my mom and dad worry about the unknown, but they trust my intuition and judgment.

If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started, what would you do differently?

If I could return to the start of my modeling career, I would be more skeptical about who I gave my time to. Some people in the industry are quick to take advantage of newcomers, often promising to bolster their careers but exercising more nefarious intentions.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Most models will tell you that safety is always their priority when attending a shoot, speaking with potential clients, or posting content. I use this advice in every facet of my career.

What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

In the not-too-distant future, I plan to attend law school. In doing so, I hope to achieve a viable platform to effect the most change for those in marginalized corners of society. The amazingly brave and talented models, sex workers, and content creators I have met throughout my career have been some of my greatest inspirations for this goal, and I hope one day to eradicate some of the hardships they face in their daily lives.

Man Of Style Of The Week: Introducing The Dashing Bobby Medinas

Bobby Medinas currently lives in Mexico City, but he was born and raised in Acapulco, Guerrero. He’s now 28 years old, and he has been creating content for approximately seven years. He started his career as an intern at a magazine in the city, where he eventually did a weekly segment on Men’s Streetstyle, interviewing and styling national and international creators. He has partnered up with brands like Ferragamo, Montblanc, American Express, Hugo Boss, Ray-Ban, Porsche, Audi, Tom Ford Beauty, Starbucks, and Jo Malone London. 

Model & Mode Magazine recently caught up with Bobby to discuss his journey in the fashion world, and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

I like to shop everywhere. I particularly love places where you never know what you’re gonna find. (That often includes the women’s section)

Vintage stores, websites, and markets are definitely my faves. There’s nothing like the thrill of thrifting designer goods that you never even knew you needed in the first place. 

What are your top tips when it comes to fashion for the cooler months?

It’s all about layering! Most pieces of clothing can be worn all year long if you style them weather-accordingly. Also, always try to be as comfortable as possible. 

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

Mainly magazines, movies and other creators. But I’m a firm believer that inspiration can come from any place at any time. Certain songs and destinations will also do the trick.

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

I guess that depends on how you define fashionable. I personally think that people who stay true to themselves are always fashionable. No matter where they’re at or what they’re wearing. 

People often forget that we tend to exaggerate who we are on social media. Sometimes I’ll take a picture of myself and then remove most accessories on my body to move on with my day. It might have been appropriate for the gram, but not necessarily for a run to the grocery store (laughs).  

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

I’ve always defined myself as “basic with a twist” meaning you’ll find me in ‘wearable’ clothes most of the time. 

I try to keep it balanced!

For example, if I know I’m wearing a very flashy garment, I’ll often try to tone it down with more generic pieces. This works the other way around too. 

I’m lucky that brands find me “appealing” commercially speaking; I guess I always try not to forget who’s on the other end of my social media. In reality, most of my audience will not necessarily attend events, launch parties, or runway shows every week, so I try to make approachable content that will appeal to them without compromising who I am and what I stand for.

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

Loving oversized blazers, square-toed shoes, and everything 80’s. 

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

What a time to be alive!

Every day, we see more and more people choosing not to stick to dated stereotypes and redefine the fashion game. I love walking down the street and seeing guys rock purses and girls slaying in tuxedos. 

Risks are being taken, and I’m here for it.

What are the clothes we can rid our wardrobes of that are considered very ‘last season’?

I personally hate to get rid of pieces that are not necessarily “trendy” anymore.

Fashion is cyclic. What goes around eventually comes back around (A lot more often than we may think).

We can see it nowadays with huge fashion firms like Gucci, Prada, or Dior.

re-launching some of their “vintage” signature pieces…

My advice is to buy quality pieces that will last you a long time – most of my favorite garments I’ve had for years, some even decades. 

My rule is: if you’re not gonna want to wear it next year, It’s not for you. 

Fashion is not about over-consuming; it’s about making smart choices.

What fashion advice would you give an emerging Men of Fashion Blogger?

No one will ever tell you this: but It’s completely OK to evolve. Even if you have a very defined style, be aware that you will eventually become a better or more polished version of yourself, whether you like it or not. 

Sure, being authentic is very important, and so is having a signature look. 

But that often includes knowing that your personal style may evolve because you will also evolve as a person. 

By the way, also know that you will inevitably look back at your early content and cringe at some point. 

I have been there (laughs).

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years; what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?


You never know what you’ll end up loving or hating until you see it on you. It’s 100% valid to know when something is not for you, but I often see friends wearing something they once made fun of (on me). 

You’ll never be ahead of the game unless you do what most trend-setters do: they dare to try something different. 

Fashionista Of The Week: Introducing The Beautiful Shane Lin

Shane Lin was born in Taiwan, educated in Boston, and now based in London. Coming from a long line of businessmen and women, she followed her family’s footsteps and studied Entrepreneurship and Economics, which later landed her a career in construction management and consultancy services. Due to the nature of her job, Shay has been working in male-dominated industries for years. As a female and a minority, she is very much aware that women had to fight much harder to be heard and seen in the workplace and society. Being encouraged by her sister and friends, Lin decided to start an account as her creative outlet. She explores the benefits of using her platform to amplify women’s voices by sharing her everyday style and hoping to, in the slightest, inspire the ladies out there to stop picking apart their bodies, discover their most attractive selves, and feel confident in their own skin.

Model & Mode Magazine recently caught up with Shane to discuss her journey in the fashion world, and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

I am a big believer in high-low fashion. I find mixing more expensive tailored pieces with more casual everyday pieces makes me look more styled and aesthetically balanced when done right. Aritzia, Storet, Arket, and COS do quality staple pieces with a subtle twist. Mango and H&M are also my go-to’s and good places for trendy and basic pieces at a more affordable price. For the past few seasons, they carried the most beautiful knitwear and dresses. I like to shop for jeans and trousers at Uniqlo. There’s something about their design that fits your body like a glove. I’d go to Zara for trend pieces as they are fast at catching on to the latest trends without breaking the bank. I would check out third-party retail websites like Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, and Forward for brands with hefty price tags. I’m always on the lookout for the best deal and shop around off-season or at the end of the season before I take the plunge.

What are your top tips when it comes to fashion for the cooler months?

Layering. Instead of putting on just one layer of top and a heavy coat, I’d start with a high neck or a crew neck sweater, throw on a blazer for a little bit of structure and complete the look with an oversized coat/jacket. This combo not only keeps me snug in cooler months but provides versatility for multiple occasions. I would also choose a nice pair of boots that give room for thick socks for some added warmth.

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

I usually take inspiration from Pinterest, people on the street, my mom and auntie (I might sound partial, but their generation had the best style, in my opinion). I also like to take ideas from other creators but avoid styling pieces the same way they look at others. I will usually personalize it to suit my aesthetic as some styles might suit others but might not make you feel 100% comfortable with them.

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

To me, staying fashionable is to have a clear mind and idea of what works best for you. Social media can be a double-edged sword. It is super helpful for new ideas, style tips, and inspiration, but it can make you feel more confused about what you want at times simply because there is too much going on out there at every single second. When I run out of ideas, instead of hunting frantically for ideas from social media, I would have a good look at my wardrobe and lay everything out in front of me. This helps to style things up visually in terms of what colors and pieces coordinate and harmonize.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

Under the influence of social media, we are so vulnerable to losing our individuality because we are not looking like someone else. What is in today can be out tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong; I used to fall into the trap of catching trends without thinking if that would suit or pair with the rest of my wardrobe. I believe comfort and fashion are equally important. I now tend to go for styles that I am the most comfortable with and confident in. At the end of the day, your uniqueness will only shine through if you are being yourself.

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

I see cut-out dresses or tops everywhere. I find this trend easy to replicate and not too “trend” driven. When done very minimally, I find a classically fit dress with very flattering and very fine slits, which adds a little extra something in a very inoffensive way. This year, I also see many blue and yellow in accessories and clothing, from duck egg blue, bright royal blue, and custard yellow. I love the contrast the vibrant colors create when paired with deeper shades, especially grey.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

I am happy to see more and more people promote sustainable fashion. Both brands and consumers are putting more emphasis on sustainable production and consumption. The focus of the whole industry is shifting towards more of an environmentally-friendly narrative.

It’s got us to put more thought into what goes behind a piece of clothing and if what we buy has been ethically or environmentally produced. We don’t have to purchase new clothes constantly to create a new look or to stay current. We need to realize the power of reinventing, restyling, and reinvesting in something we already own. It’s still a long way to go, but I’d like to think we are on the right track.

What are the clothes we can rid our wardrobes of that are considered very ‘last season’?

Low-waisted jeans, neon-colored items, branded monogram belts, super exaggerated platform shoes need to be out the door. Those used to be the ‘it’ items, and you see them everywhere….(still remember that studded or rhinestoned Ed Hardy). It’s just my personal opinion, but I’m over them.

What fashion advice would you give an emerging fashionista?

I once heard a stylist named Molly Bingaman say that “the most attractive look is always the most authentic one.” I 100% resonate with that. How to show up authentically is something I believe we all struggle to a different degree at some point in our life. We put ourselves at the mercy of the critics and are constantly seeking acceptance, and because of that, we start questioning our style, taste, body image, and identity. My advice would be to take that control back. Don’t feel insecure if you don’t look like someone else. Celebrate your uniqueness, discover your authentic self, and everything will follow naturally.

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years; what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

Don’t follow trends blindly, and don’t spend a ton of money on overhyped items. New trends are created every day and can spread overnight thanks to social media. Don’t feel like you need to catch that trends train all the time. I’d say to be selective and discreet about the fashion elements that are trending and mix bits and pieces with what you already have. Keep things simple. You don’t need to be doing what other people are doing. Source unique and classic pieces that will stand the test of time and will complement you and your wardrobe.

Choosing The Best Bikini For Tanning In This Summer

According to Google search data, searches for UK-based holidays are on the rise. Some destinations, such as Dubai and Ibiza are seeing growth, but the majority of searches are related to staycations – especially those with hot tubs.

Searches for holiday cottages started to rise at the end of the first lockdown last year, before falling and slowly rising again. These trends can be seen across a number of UK holidays, including ‘Cornwall holidays’ and ‘Holiday cottages UK’. Although Dubai holidays were one of the most popular searches for holidays abroad, peaking in December 2020, shortly before the four-tier system was introduced, searches for ‘Spain holidays’, ‘UK holidays’, ‘Cornwall holidays’ ‘Mexico holidays’ and ‘Ibiza holidays’ are all on the rise, suggesting people are looking to book stays for the end of the year. However, searches for UK-based holidays are rising more than ones abroad.

With this in mind, it’s expected that you will be getting ready to pull on your bikinis this Summer. That said, from tanning safely to choosing the best bikini for tanning in, Boux Avenue has pulled together some of their fave tanning tips together for you.


Whilst getting a suntan is something we all LOVE doing, it is important to remember to do it safely. Whilst using your fave fake tan is probably the safest way to get a glow, there is no denying how good it feels to get a natural tan and feel the actual sun on your skin.

The most important thing to remember when sunbathing is to always wear SPF and reapply it regularly. It’s best to wear SPF on your face every day, even if it doesn’t look sunny! When sunbathing in the summer sun you should always wear factor 30 or above to avoid burning. Looking after your skin with SPF means you will get a better, healthier tan and avoid any serious sun damage to your skin that burning can cause!


When it comes to choosing what to wear to sunbathe, there are actually a few factors to consider. Boux Avenue pulled together some of their fave styles for sunbathing so you can throw on your best bikini as soon as the sun returns.

Their fave bikini style for an easy tan is always gonna be a tie-side one. The strap style on the top means very few tan lines thanks to the easily moveable straps.

Their Paros check triangle bikini set is so cute for Summer, you can see how gorgeous Georgia looks in the lilac gingham print. Or another of their tie bikini set faves, the Gili bright stripe triangle bikini set. Whether you want to tie the straps around your sides to avoid halter neck tan lines, untie them completely when you’re lying on your front or follow Tiff’s lead and slay the upside-down bikini top trend – these tie strap bikinis are always the perfect tanning choice.

If you are worried about tan lines on your bum then you are in luck, as thong bikini bottoms are a big trend this year. Their Ibiza bikini set makes a great bikini for tanning in, ensuring limited tan lines on your back, plus the support in the underwired bikini top means extra confidence all day.

A final factor to consider when choosing which bikini you are going to wear when you’re tanning is what colour it is. We all know wearing white is a great way to emphasise your tan, but did you know neon bright colours are also great for making your tan look even better (without having to sit in the sun for as long)?

Their Kasos trim pink bikini set that Courtney looks so good in is a great choice for making that tan pop! The low plunge and gold detail are so sassy you’ll feel and look fabulous (plus the pink will have your tan glowwwing!). If red is more your thing, then the brightly coloured Martinique pleat bikini set is for you. Turn heads and set your ‘gram on fire when you werk this gorj bikini with a fresh tan.

We hope you get to enjoy some safe sunbathing this year, whether it’s in your garden or in Ibiza – just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Man Of Style Of The Week: Introducing The Dashing Luka

Luka is a fashion stylist and digital influencer who hails from Sydney, Australia. He gets fashion inspo mostly from movies or out on the streets, and he’s very open-minded when it comes to shopping for clothes – he can shop in prominent designer boutiques but also wear local designer brands.

Model & Mode Magazine recently caught up with Luka to discuss his journey in the fashion world, and here’s what went down:

Where do you usually shop? Are there any hidden gems when it comes to snapping up some awesome designer clothes?

I’m very open-minded when I’m shopping. I can go to either big designer boutiques, but I also love shopping for local designer brands too. I think it is very important to support them.

What are your top tips when it comes to fashion for the cooler months?

I think the trick is to layer it out since you are going to spend time indoor. Having a nice top/pants and putting a super vibe coach can create a perfect outfit. Having simple colours is always the safest option to play around the season.

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

Mostly on movies and the street. I do love bloggers and magazines, but I think you have to find your style first instead of copying someone.

Is it hard to stay fashionable?

No, it’s not. As soon as you dress for yourself and be confident, it is not hard at all.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?

I think you need to find a line that you want to be first and add things to your personality, so people will understand who you are.

Are there any key trends you’ve seen for this year?

Since the pandemic started, I think we are all going back into a more comfortable style, which I believe will be continuous for the next season.

What do you think about the state of fashion today?

I think fashion has become very important globally, but we always got to remember that we can’t be slaves of fashion.

What are the clothes we can rid our wardrobes of that are considered very ‘last season’?

I’m always donating pieces that I haven’t worn for a while. However, I recycle a lot of clothes as trends always come back, so we must reuse things again.

What fashion advice would you give an emerging fashionista?

Be yourself and play simple first.

The fashion industry has changed so much in the past few years; what’s the best advice you would give for staying ahead of the curve?

It is tough to keep up with every single trend out there, so I think having a simple knowledge of what’s is on at the moment and trying to adapt it in your own style is the key to staying ahead of the curve.

What’s Your Definition of Your Beauty??

Defining beauty as a concept is akin to holding sand in your hands. You can grasp at it and you certainly can seem to understand what it looks and feels like, but it is by no means solid. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this cliché certainly holds true. Approach anyone in the street and ask him or her to explain their ideal of beauty and you will undoubtedly get substantial variations in response. What you might come to discover is that defining beauty is closer to “I know it when I see it”.

It becomes very obvious then that defining beauty is as subjective as one’s taste in music. The search for it has spanned centuries – a relief in the tomb of the Egyptian nobleman Ptahhotep (who lived around 2400 BC) shows him getting a pedicure. Cleopatra wore kohl, a precursor to the modern eyeliner. Incarnations of what is considered ‘beautiful’ have ranged from breath-stealing corsets in the 19th century to achieve a tiny waist to our modern-day gravity-defying, ankle-threatening stilettos.

And that search is an expensive one! According to National Geographic, in the US, billion were spent on makeup, hair, and skincare. Billions were also spent on diet products and services, and billions more on health club memberships and plastic surgery.

But what for? Experts from all different fields have weighed in to define beauty and why we search for it. Studies by anthropologist Don Symons at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and psychologist, David Perrett at St Andrews University in Scotland, all show that men consistently showed a preference for women with smooth skin, larger eyes, fuller lips, and a smaller nose and chin because “all these traits are reliable cues to youth, good health, and fertility.” Essential characteristics we instinctively know (honed over millennia) are vital for continuing the human race. However, that hard-wiring in our brain circuitry can be altered, especially by culture, according to Douglas Yu, a biologist from Great Britain whose studies, for example, found that indigenous tribes in Southeast Peru preferred body shapes regarded as overweight in western culture. “A fuller, evolutionary theory of human beauty must embrace variation,” says Yu.

So, who’s been shaping the modern definition of beauty? That modern definition that has us worshipping Victoria’s Secret models, A-list stars, and beauty queens, and has us comparing our bodies to theirs? That has us modifying our eating habits that in an ever-growing number around the world, have resulted in eating disorders? That has us losing our sense of self-worth and self-esteem? It’s so easy to blame the media – magazines, TV, movies – as the culprit. But who buys those magazines, watches those TV shows, goes to the movies?

We do.

In a twisted sort of way, we ourselves have been responsible. What we watch, what we buy has inadvertently shaped what modern society now considers beautiful. So, in recognizing that, can we then be the instruments of change?

I am an aunt to three beautiful little girls and I find myself sometimes terrified when I think of the challenges that face them when they grow up. I was fortunate enough to have grown up surrounded by strong, confident women and in that most essential stage – the teenage years, the high school years – when your perception of yourself in relation to others is shaped, I was blessed to have had a group of friends who couldn’t care less what anybody else thought of them. They were proud of who they were and in the dreams and ambitions, they had for themselves. After high school, I again found myself, in the form of my two best friends and the women in my Christian youth group, with kindred spirits whose values and integrity meant more to them than superficial cares. I look back at those women, grateful that I knew them, and praying that my nieces will have women like them who will stand steadfast against today’s shallow perception of beauty.

When I was researching this article, I decided to have a look at the dictionary’s definition of beauty. According to Merriam Webster, beauty is:

– The quality of being physically attractive
– The qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.

Now that second part got me thinking… “qualities that give pleasure…” Isn’t that a healthier way of thinking about beauty? I mean, something can be physically attractive or ‘beautiful’ but deadly like a poisonous plant, and in that same vein, someone can be stunningly gorgeous but be a horrible person inside. So, I think instead of aiming to be beautiful, we should aim to be attractive. I mean, let’s face it, there is no way you can look like those models in the magazines. Do you know why? Because you don’t have the same genes they do, It’s as simple as that.

So, what do I mean about aiming to be attractive? Being attractive means that you’re the sort of person people are drawn to – like two magnets being pulled towards each other. Not drawn to you because of how gorgeous you look, but because they actually want to spend time with you. They are drawn to you because you are a person with a good heart, whose confidence and positive nature are just as irresistible as honey is to a bee. It’s a challenge, yes. And much more difficult for some to achieve than others but that’s what my circle of strong, confident women taught me – that my heart is more important than my face. Because ultimately, when I’m at my most unguarded when the only critic I face is me and I ask: “Do I love me?” and when I can say: “Yes”….that’s when I feel beautiful.

10 Surefire Ways To Stay Healthy This Summer

When it comes to getting fit and healthy, life can get expensive. So here are a few of my favourite free and cheap ways to stay healthy this summer.

1. Hot and cold showers

Run a warm shower, then cold, warm again, and finish on cold. This is wonderful for our overall health as it improves circulation which helps the whole body by getting the blood and nutrients to all the cells in the body, it helps activate the lymphatic system to help remove toxins, improves will power, our immune system, great for recovery, as well as wakes you up in the mornings. Strangely enough, it also helps some people sleep too!

My favourite fact that I’ve learned is that it helps make you happy. Coldwater activates temperature receptors under the skin that releases hormones such as endorphins and adrenalin.

2. Greens powders

This is my favourite multivitamin. Greens powders are made from real vegetables and whole foods. They are full of natural vitamins, minerals, and natural phytonutrients that our body can easily absorb. A lot of supplements are made synthetically in a lab and although they can help, natural options are always my go-to first.

3. Detoxing beverages

I like to wake up with cold or hot water with fresh lemon, cayenne pepper, and apple cider vinegar, it gets the system moving.

Instead of sugary drinks, make ice tea with herbs. To make herbal teas therapeutic, I like to get in three-plus cups in a day, this isn’t always easy so a great way to get them all in during summer is to make a big jug and put it in the fridge or your water bottle. Fresh herbs or teabags work well together.

Taking the time to sit and relax. Take 10, slow and deep belly breaths. Breathing in and out of the nose. Making sure to expand that belly and breath out slowly too.

You can do this when you wake up, before you sleep, before you meditate, on a bus, or anytime!

4. Salt therapy

Ask any surfer or most people who have grown up near a beach about the benefits of an ocean swim after a few drinks the night before.

Ocean water has high amounts of minerals including sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium, and calcium. So why not jump in the sea for a swim to improve your mood and health for free!

5. Those unused shower brushes

You know those big bristly brushes that hang in most people’s showers but never get used. Well, use them!

They are a fantastic way to get the lymphatic system moving and help your body remove the rubbish. The easiest way is to brush towards the heart, and don’t forget the bottom of the feet. They really do get your skin looking better.

6. Move and sweat

Whether it’s via exercise, movement techniques, or any type of sauna, traditional or infrared. Moving the body and sweating helps to break up blockages, get the energy and blood flowing, and removes toxins.

Many traditional cultures have been using sweat lodges for centuries and still do, there is definitely something in it.

7. Baths and buckets

Using a bath and adding herbs, herbal tea bags, Epson salts or even organic fresh flowers can make a wonderful relaxing and detoxing option. Don’t have a bath? Easy, use a bucket, add cayenne pepper, and pop your feet in!

8. Meditation

While we sleep our mind still works, taking the time out during the day to give your brain a little rest can work magic, especially for our nervous systems.

It’s simple, free, and painless.

There are also some amazing free apps, websites, and YouTube videos to help you get started if you are not quite sure where to start.

9. Self-abdominal detox massage

And lastly my favourite. I now teach all my clients self-techniques to rub their own tummies, in most massages everyone avoids the belly… yet it’s so powerful and a wonderful way to detox.

Slow, gentle spirals starting from the belly button, in a clockwise direction are a great way to start as a beginner. To learn more stay tuned on my website for free tutorials coming soon.

Happy detoxing!

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Most Promising Model Of The Week: Introducing The Stunning Anita Hosseini

Anita Hosseini initially got started in the modelling industry via John Casablancas’ agency where she learned about modeling and the industry. While she was taking classes there, she got discovered by T.H.E artist agency in Washington D.C and that was the beginning of my modeling career.

Modeling made her confident over time. Before she started modeling she wouldn’t take a portrait or even regular close-up photos of herself because she didn’t have the confidence to look at the camera. But as she began to do a lot of photoshoots, she realized that the camera is her best friend and she’s so comfortable and confident in front of it now. Modeling made a confident person out of her that she could ever imagine.

Model & Mode Magazine recently caught up with Anita to discuss her journey in the modelling world and here’s what went down:

What has been the most memorable experience of being in the modelling industry so far?

The most memorable experience in modeling industry is my first magazine cover shoot. When I arrived at that shoot, I just knew that the shoot is for a bridal magazine. I was so excited about it but as we moved forward with the shoot the director told me that one of the shots is going to be on the cover and that blew my mind and made me so happy. I will never forget that day and never forget my first magazine cover job.

Downside to being a model?

When you love what you do there is never going to be a downside to it and you will never get to the point that you will get tired of it even when it can be exhausting and tiring, the job you do is enjoyable.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

I can’t think of one person or one group of people because I was always surrounded by amazing people during my photoshoots and I’m always amazed at how lucky I am to have this opportunity.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while in the modelling industry. This can be about the industry or about yourself.

One time, someone told me when you think you can’t do something, act like you can do it the best you can and no one is better than you – that way you’re going to give that feeling to yourself, and the people watching you will think that you’re the best.

Is your family supportive of you being a model?

My family has always been a big part of my success and where I am today wouldn’t be possible without their support and I never take that for granted.

If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t do anything differently, the universe always puts you in the best place you need to be at that moment.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

9. Never listen to advice.

What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

10. My future plans are countless however living a happy and healthy life and being surrounded by the people I love is my forever plan but in the next few years, I’m planning to create my own clothing brand, that’s what I’m going to fashion school for.


1. Last good movie I’ve seen: A star is born.

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face it’s about having a pretty heart.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? Competing in Miss Universe is something that’s always been my biggest dream.

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d ” Travel the world without a time limit and get to know all the cultures and people around the world.

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? Being present in my life and living in the moment instead of rushing to get to the end.