5 Ways to Look and Feel Totally Younger

There comes a time in everyone’s life when time simply begins to take its toll on all of us. Whether you’re looking to reverse this toll as much as you can, or you’re looking to start early and try to keep it away for as long as possible, here are 5 simple ways to look and feel younger.

Eating Green and Healthy

I’m sure this is obvious to most people but eating your greens and overall healthier is vital to looking and feeling good. Before venturing into healthy eating, you need to remember that there are no shortcuts or miracles that can last as long or have such an effect as changing your overall diet. This includes adding those greens to your plate every day, cutting the unnecessary sugar out of your diet, and even in this world of processed foods, find the organic and make it part of every meal.

Regular Exercise

Another, somewhat obvious answer, but regular exercise is vital to looking better and in the long run feeling great. Interval training is one of the best options for most people as it alternates between high and low-intensity activity. This burns fat efficiently and does not strain your body as much as exercising for a longer and steadier pace.

Get a dog

This may be surprising to just a few of you. A dog can be many things for many different people, but all dogs have a wide array of gifts to give to anyone. Dogs can help their owners socially by giving them consistent interaction, which helps with mental health especially in those who may be struggling through a darker time in their lives. Dogs also provide an incredible incentive to get up and go out. Keeping their owners active and healthy. According to a 12-year follow-up study, dog owners are more likely to live longer, with reduced chances of cardiovascular disease and death.

Keep in Touch with Friends

A simple thing to do that not many people think of. Socially interacting with others, whether on the phone or in person, will help you feel younger. Getting together with friends can be a great way to get out and be active together.

Find You’re Purpose or Calling

One last simple step, that very few people truly accomplish. A close friend once told me that many people start out trying to reach their dream but get lost in the process. Do not get lost in chasing your dreams. Make sure you make time to practice what makes you happy and stop making excuses to avoid it. If you truly want to do it, you’ll find a way.

A Final Word

Living a healthy life becomes far easier when you have someone else doing it with you. You’ll be able to keep each other in check and find new and creative ways to make healthy living simpler, and as we already discussed it will help keep up your social interactions. It also helps to do your research, finding people who know what they’re talking about or have already walked this path to help you walk yours. Healthy living is not always easy, but it is one of the few ways to live a longer and happier life. Just remember that you aren’t alone.

5 Ways to Achieve Perfect Skin and Gorgeous Hair

Do you ever wonder how your co-worker always has fantastic hair and skin? Her secret is a customized skin and hair care routine. There are five basic care techniques required for that perfect look.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Both your skin and your hair need moisturizing. Drink plenty of water, use hydrating skincare products and hydrating conditioner. Last, ask your stylist to recommend the type of hair product to use based on your hair. The options are paste, fiber, wax, putty, and clay. Learn what each option does to match the product to the desired result.

Create a Skin Care Routine Customized to Your Needs

The first step in creating a skincare routine is to determine your skin type. If it is dry, oily, combination, or aging, you will need products designed for that type. You need a cleanser, hydrating cream, and then moisturizer to lock the moisture in place.

Face masks are wonders. They allow the product to stay on the skin long enough to get the product’s full effectiveness. Finally, steaming, saunas or hot yoga opens up the pores and are a great time to follow up with a detoxing mask.

Protect Your Skin and Hair from Damage

An easily forgotten element is to protect your skin and hair from dehydration and damage. The basics are to use proper sunscreen, follow your skincare routine, and keep your hair clean. Use a detangling brush to limit breakage and only use UV or heated tools sparingly.

Add Beautiful Luster, Shine and Youth

Besides regular washing and hydrating, there are other steps to take to project the best image., When rubbing creams into your face, do so in an upward motion. If needed, use ice water to reduce swelling. Limit hair washing to twice a week.

Shampoo removes impurities and oils, but also good oils and minerals. If you need to remove dirt or oil more often, a water rinse or dry shampoo works fine.

If you have damaged hair, a small bit of hair oil will go a long way to prevent dehydration and keep stray hairs down.

Apply conditioner before a workout and only mid-length and on the ends of your hair. Putting it on the scalp will make your hair greasier. Rinse it out after your workout for hydrated, shiny hair.

Remove Dirt and Impurities

Follow the recommended use of cleansers as simply spreading and rinsing is not sufficient to remove impurities. For additional assistance, pimple patches are great. They pull out impurities and stick them to the patch. If a rinse will not remove extra hair products, use conditioner between shampoos.

Have the Proper Tools

Use different brushes for thick, coarse, curly, fine, colored, oily, or African or Caribbean hair. Get the one you need, not your roommates. Also, have a different brush for each purpose, such as drying and styling.

Now you are set to outshine that annoyingly perfect co-worker. Work this into your overall self-care routine, so it becomes a habit. Once set, you will not forget to do the task.

Meditation To Handle Depression: Why It Works and How To Get Started

By: Jess Nugent

I remember a few years back when I first started hearing about meditation and to be honest, I thought it was a bit of a joke. A few weeks later my doctor suggested I control my anxiety by cutting out weight lifting and taking up Tai Chi… to which I responded, “oh haha ok.”

This is only because I didn’t truly understand the process or the benefits of meditation. I felt if I had just sat myself on a mat, closed my eyes, and started humming along (my very naive image of what meditation looks like) – I would immediately start thinking of what I need to do tomorrow/next week, or that dumb thing I said to someone five years ago.


To explain meditation I want to explain to you how I view mental balance. Depression lives in the past so when we spend so much time thinking about things that have happened, it affects what we are doing today.

Anxiety lives in the future, again we spend time worrying, not just about things that are happening but things that could happen or go wrong. Or, you may be doing both. I have been there and it honestly feels like you are living in limbo! And no, living equally in the past and present do not balance you out as you are on a different frequency.

Happiness lives in the present. It is inside you right now and is unlockable through practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware and conscious of your surroundings, what you see, and what you feel with your senses. So if it is inside us, why is it so hard? When you are in a depressive or anxious state you are mentally living in either the past or the future, so your body almost goes into autopilot to get you through the day. Do you ever get into your car and drive, then you end up at the destination without even really remembering the journey? That is the opposite of mindfulness and consciousness. We all do this a lot more than we think.


Meditation is anything that draws you away from your thoughts of past/future and brings you into the present moment. It involves you truly being conscious and aware of your surroundings – it is not being absent of thought as I used to believe.

The great thing is that there are so many different ways to incorporate this into your life, you may already be doing it without knowing, and some of you won’t even need to change your schedule – just your mindset.


I never really understood why I felt like a new person after most gym sessions (obviously endorphins etc, but it was always something more than this). When I am doing weight training, I literally clear my mind and am purely thinking about what my body is doing, how I am moving, where I feel tension, and pushing through each exercise. That is meditation. Living in the current moment.

I then leave the gym having been brought back to the present, that central position of the diagram, rebalanced and with a fresh new outlook. So I know now that when I am having a particularly anxious day, or I’m feeling really down about something that has happened – a good gym session can usually help.

Tips: Limit your phone use at the gym. Nothing breaks your meditation like a message from your friend saying “omg can you believe that status Becky posted yesterday” or your partner saying “We need to do washing tonight” or “what are we having for dinner”. Forcing you to live again in either the past or future!

If you feel your mind wandering, take a deep breath and really focus on the action you are doing currently, don’t just go through the motions, squeeze the muscle you are trying to target, and think about how it feels.


Meditation is not only available while being active. Think to yourself – when are you most happy? Maybe you love to paint, you can get out a big canvas and some paints and concentrate on what brush strokes you are using, how your hand moves, and the combinations of colours.

Activities that require some form of physical movement are best as they make you become aware of controlling your body. Even listening to music and going for a walk can be great as long as you really focus on the way your steps hit the pavement, the way the air feels on your skin, or the way the music sounds.

Think about your five senses and how the environment stimulates each of them. Being around friends can be a good way to get yourself back into the present also, but it is more difficult to control your mindfulness here, especially if you are new to the idea. Organize an activity to do that limits past/present talk, go out for a meal that is an experience. You could even communicate these ideas to your friends and involve them in steering conversation away from negativity or worries, to what is going on at the present moment.

Tips: Remain focused as mentioned above. Do things that you feel comfortable doing, where you won’t be putting pressure on yourself! I.e. If I am terrible at drawing and aim to recreate a work by Michelangelo as meditation, I am likely to get frustrated with myself. The exercise is not goal-oriented but process-oriented. The satisfaction is not in the completion, it is at the moment.

Just breathe and focus, it gets easier the more you do it. Actually, allocate time every single day, your mind will enjoy being brought back to ground zero and you’ll find it easier to get through other tasks afterward.

About the writer:

Jess Nugent is a writer, model, advocate for mental wellness, and a baker! Her passion for all areas of mental health stems from her personal battles, and time spent supporting loved ones through struggles also. She graduated from Macquarie University with a BA – Psychology and uses this knowledge alongside lived-experience to, not only raise awareness and remove the stigma around anxiety/depression but provide strategies for coping. Jess has a strong focus on health and well-being. She has spent 6+ years working in the fitness industry and uses exercise/diet to create balance in her own life.

Influencer Marketing 101: What You Need to Know

Influencer Marketing is most usually carried out on the platform of choice: Instagram. According to Forbes Magazine, an Insta account with over one million followers can attract upwards of $50k for a single sponsored post.”

Life as an Influencer is becoming an increasingly stacked game. In a world of paid likes/followers, fickle algorithms, and those ‘lurky bots’, it’s become even harder to market yourself in 2019. With more Instagram Models on the scene than ever before; this creates a higher level of competition overall.

Gaining traction on social media often means hitting that elusive fan quota. However, it’s often a vague figure that allows you to qualify. This begs the question: how many people have to follow you or like your page in order to make you a legitimate Influencer? What will warrant enough credibility amidst a miasma of hashtagging and 24/7 responsiveness? You should start by applying a thick-skinned approach to negative comments (ironically, with much skin on show) and all ‘round people-pleasing.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. What does an Influence Marketer and/or Instagram Model actually do? Well, they create ‘sponsored content’. That means someone sends them something and they promote it to their audience, eg. “OMG this skin cream is the bomb, I now have no pimples”, or “this teeth whitening product is so great I can now allow myself to smile” – all the whilst being paid to give, let’s face it, an entirely biased review.

Influence Marketing is most usually carried out on the platform of choice: Instagram. According to Forbes Magazine, an Insta account with over one million followers can attract upwards of $50k for a single sponsored post: that’s certainly big bickies! What you may not know is that the social media landscape is continuing to change, and it’s not always in the interest of an Influence Marketer.

For example, have you heard of the term ‘Micro Influencer’? These are commonly described as ‘ordinary people’ (whatever that means) with a decent following of around 3000 followers. Usually, they aren’t ‘big-fish’ enough to score entirely free products, and they don’t always garner a genuine ‘hard-dried-ink’ modeling contract with, you know, an actual brand.

While the demand for Micro-Influencers grows (and will continue to do so during 2021); so does earning potential decline. This demographic is more often than not, underpriced. With so many people putting their hands up to assist e-commerce operators, for example, accepting the offer to post about a beach towel whilst wearing a bikini, this means that the value of a Micro-Influencers’ engagement is vastly cheapened. It’s just supply and demand – economics 101.

The fact is, being a Micro-Influencer is generally not something to be taken too seriously. That’s because you can only ever earn a mere fraction of what your more socially mobile counterparts (you know those Insta peeps with the covetable green badge) can attract per post. What does this ‘Verified Badge’ on Instagram actually mean? Well, according to the platform itself, “a verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile. It means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents.”

How do you get your very own Insta Badge? You can apply to get one by going into your platform’s settings tab, providing your ID, and waiting for that all-important response. However, there are no guarantees! But, that’s always the way, isn’t it? After all, there are no 100 percent shatter-proof formulas for achieving success in online marketing. Keep in mind that those ‘masterclasses’ will surely tell you differently, though.

Being an Instagram Model and marketing yourself is but a means to an end. It is not necessarily something to hinge your ‘bread-and-butter’ upon. If you are reaping the rewards as an Influence Marketer than more power to you. If you are still struggling and wondering why it’s not actually working for you, then remember things are never what they seem – especially when it comes to the world of social media/influencer marketing!

5 Tips For Success In The Modelling Industry

Pursuing the modeling dream is never an easy undertaking. The road towards the top will be filled with challenges, with many people giving up before they reach the reality of what they have always dreamed of. Whether you would like to pursue a career in modeling, you will be facing stiff competition. In some instances, you will end up being frustrated and with low confidence. With this in mind, keep on reading and learn from some of the tips that we will be sharing which will help you in reaching your dream of becoming a model one day.

Start with Training

Before you even start with auditions and going to go-sees, the first thing that you have to do is to have extensive training in modeling. There are some schools offering formal training to those who would like to harness their skills. Even at home, you can practice with the help on online modules and tutorials. This will help you to be familiar with the different techniques.

Prepare your Portfolio

This is specifically the case for those who have big dreams to have a career in modeling. This will serve as your resume. Your folio will show how you look in front of the camera and will make it easier for agents to assess whether they should accept you or not. It should be made in such a way that it will be able to highlight what you can do and offer. This will be a tool for marketing yourself, so make sure that it will be convincing enough.

Find an Agent

You should also exert effort in finding a talent agency. The agent will make it easier for you to land gigs in the future. Their extensive network will also increase the likelihood of creating a name for yourself. You just have to make sure that you are working with a legitimate agent.

Go on Auditions

This is another important thing if you want to have a successful modeling career. Be proactive in looking for potential auditions. Before auditioning, make sure that you are fully-prepared. Get enough rest, and as it has been earlier pointed out, practice so that you can deliver an impressive performance.

Never Lose Hope

This is perhaps the best to keep in mind as you pursue your modeling dream. Rejection is part of the game, which will make you frustrated. This, however, should not be areas on to give up. If you fail once, ask yourself on what happened and use this as an inspiration to be better. Learn from your past mistakes. Use it as a motivation to be better.

4 Fabulous Style Tips Every Model Should Know

Knowing how to look stylish and chic every time you step out of the house is a skill every model should have. Now if you experience difficulties with this, we’ve got you covered with four essential fashion tips. These tips are fashion foundations you can build upon to become the next trendsetter!

If you have a special event coming up or you simply would love to look good daily, follow the tips below to create a fabulous and stylish wardrobe.

1. Pair prints and patterns with plain apparels

The first thing you should know when picking out outfits is that prints and patterns should not be paired together. Instead, pair patterned apparel with plain colours. For example, you can wear a striped blouse with black pants/skirts and a polka-dotted skirt with a yellow blouse.

A combination of prints and patterns is riotous and the biggest fashion mistake anyone can make so make sure you avoid them!

2. Don’t be scared of bright colours

While dark colours like black, grey, dark blue, and dark green are safe colours in fashion, wearing them repeatedly can get boring and force you to blend into the crowd. So minimize your use of these colours and go for more colourful apparel like yellow, pink, white, red, and light blue. Bright colours are exciting and make you more approachable. If you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself, you can combine light and dark-coloured apparel.

3. Make sure an outfit fits perfectly

When shopping for new clothes, make sure you choose outfits that fit perfectly. Don’t buy clothes that are too tight or too big. Both errors can ruin the look you’re trying to create with your outfit. Clothes that fit perfectly make you look smart and stylish so before purchasing an outfit, make sure it’s the perfect fit.

4. Accessorise

The impact of accessories on an outfit cannot be over-emphasized. Accessories enhance your look stylishly and make you stand out. So fill your wardrobe with as many bags, earrings, bracelets, belts, scarves, and necklaces as you can afford. Don’t forget to accessorize moderately for a better impact.

While fashion trends change almost as frequently as we blink, these basic tips will keep you on top of the trends at all times. So experiment with bright colours, don’t pair prints with patterns, make sure your clothes fit perfectly, and accessorize for a trendy and stylish look.

7 Important Steps to Becoming a Successful Model

If you have aspirations of becoming a top model then you need to read this article. Sure you might have the body and the height of a top model, but what about everything else? Here are 7 tips every upcoming model needs to know about:

1. Research the market

Although you’ll be showcasing the clothing as a model, you also want to have some knowledge of the industry. Find out who the big designers are, study their inspirations, keep up with trends. This is a great way to stay focused on all things modeling. Don’t limit yourself to just the runway. Learn what makes the market tick- it could be what makes you unique in the competitive industry.

2. Prepare yourself

Dress up, play with makeup and practice your runway walk. You want to know how to present clothing because that’s the focus! Use a 3-way mirror and see how you look from all angles. Be sure that you know how to make the right impression and hold yourself in the best ways.

3. Focus on your portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card. You showcase the various looks you have when you show it to a new designer. Be sure that you’re offering plenty of variation. Remember that your potential bosses will be from different segments of the fashion market—sportswear, formal wear, casual wear, etc. Make sure that you showcase what you can do in every element.

4. Be yourself

What makes you unique is going to be your main selling point- guaranteed. Don’t try to cover it up. Sure, there may be designers who pass because of it, but there will be designers who will seek you out because of it too.

5. The headshots

Even though you are going to be focusing on various looks, be sure that you include some headshots in your portfolio. Industry professionals say that a headshot, a profile and a smile-shot is enough. Make sure that every single one is a stand out!

6. Be confident

Speak up when you’re at your go-sees. Let your personality shine through so the designer knows who you are and how you feel most comfortable. They want to best showcase their clothing, so they want people who are comfortable in their own skin first. Let them see the real you by practicing. Use your family and friends as test go-sees to hone your speaking skill when on the spot.

7. Read everything

If you are presented with a modelling contract, read it! You’d be surprised at how many new models see the contract and the dollar signs and jump at it! Sure you’re excited but you need to know the exact specifications and requirements of what you’re signing. Have a legal professional review it with you to make sure you’re getting the right deal. Just because you’re new doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a say in what you want.

If you’re an aspiring model, be sure to take these seven tips seriously. They can help to set you up as the next big thing in the industry!

Modeling 101: How To Look Your Best When Posing

Image via Shutterstock /  conrado

Posing can be a struggle both to the model and the photographer. This is because some of the less-experienced model tends to wait for the direction of the photographer before striking a pose. They normally freeze in front of the camera and are mostly clueless on what to do. This situation makes it difficult and troublesome for the photographer to produce good photos.

The preparation for any modeling job starts even before the photo shoot. You need to be aware on what kind of shoot it is. You can start looking at the related fashion magazine on the type of pose that they are doing. Not all of the tips here will work for everyone since the right kind of pose will vary in every genre.

1. Your Mirror is Your Friend

Stand in front of your mirror, take a pose and see how you highlight the shape of your body. The mirror is an ideal tool to show you the thing that the camera can produce. Consider the features and things that can be seen depending on the angle. For instance, in case you put your feet closer to the lens, then there is a possibility that your feet will look larger in the photo.

2. Create a Space on Your Limbs and Body

Squashing your limbs closer to your body will make you appear look fat. Separating your limbs from your body will also create a slimmer appearance. This is a tiny cheat in the modeling world that can make a huge difference.

3. Understand the Light

For instance, in case you raise your arm on the light, it will basically look brighter compared to your face. There is also a possibility that it will cast shadow on your face and body. A simple way to counteract this is by using your other arm. You may also adjust your arm backward to avoid the casting of the shadow. Having an understanding on how the lighting falls is a basic necessity in modeling. Ask the photographer about the key light and think about how you can work with it.

4. Elongate the Neck

In order to show class, poise, and height, elongating your neck would be a great solution. It is also one of the most difficult things to remember when modeling since this action feels a bit unnatural. Look in front of the mirror and stand in a normal position. Let you face come forward by rolling your shoulder backward. By now you have seen the huge difference in the neck’s width. You may even advance your pose by popping the jaw in front of the camera to create shadow that will highlight your jaw line.

Hopefully, the modeling tips that we provided above can provide some help for our aspiring models. These are just some of the tricks that most professional models wish they knew when they were just starting out.

3 Grooming Habits Of Impeccably Groomed Models

Being a model is, undeniably, about presenting the best version of yourself in order to shine the most brilliant light onto the designer, brand or commercial enterprise that you are representing. Modeling agencies are very particular about aesthetics and usually will want to hear about any variations in your vital statistics so that there are no discrepancies and the particular needs of their clients are always met.

Therefore, keeping yourself looking good and maintaining health and fitness are always going to be on your mind. So, you can understand why being a model is often very stressful! Keeping well-groomed goes a long way in achieving excellent personal presentation. Here are some handy pointers to help keep you looking picture perfect and shoot ready at all times:

Great Skin

Taking care of your skin is of utmost importance to ensure your face provides the optimal canvas for a makeup artist. Always ensure that you remove all traces of cosmetics every night before you go to sleep (no matter how tired you may be from a day of shooting).

Sleeping in makeup clogs pores and you need to leave your skin fresh and clean while it restores itself during the night. Follow a daily and nightly routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Protect your skin during the day with an SPF to reduce sun damage and associated aging. A weekly scrub will help to remove dead skin cells and a good quality night cream (and consuming enough water) will help to keep your visage looking as plump and smooth as possible.

Beautiful Hair

Making sure that you get regular trims and treatments is important when you are a model. Hair can be put through the wringer via the work-related styling that it has to endure. All that heat damage and potential colouring (if you are a hair model you will relate to this) can have your hair looking more like straw than silky strands. Taking time out to treat your hair can be invaluable in order to restore its quality and shine.

You may opt for an in-salon treatment (the accompanying head massages are the best) or there are some simple at-home ways to give your hair a little pamper sesh. A simple mix of avocado, egg white, and coconut oil contains enough natural emollients to provide a nourishing masque. Simply pop on while you relax in the bath or perhaps while you are undertaking other beauty routines simultaneously. A savvy model always knows how to multitask!

Impeccable Nails

It’s quite necessary to keep your nails looking perfect if you are a model. Portraits involving hands require nails that are uniform and aesthetically pleasing. No one wants to see some ugly claws next to a beautiful face in a photograph. Acrylic nails may be the easiest way to achieve this, however, they can result in unhealthy natural nails. Shellac on natural nails can be a slightly less damaging alternative. If you are going to go natural then regular manicures are a must. Invest in a nourishing treatment for nails and perhaps a strengthener to keep them going day in and day out without chips and breakages.

Facebook Influencers: Should You Use Them For Your Brand Or Not??

Last year Facebook introduced some new features to promote social media influencers. Their new features make it so that influencers tag the brands they are promoting directly in their posts, meaning that campaigns come completely from the influencer which means that their followers trust the post more. Obviously, this is Facebook’s way of making more money via its influencers however, this does not mean that your brand can’t make money too. Here are a few ways that Facebook’s new features could benefit you as a brand.

More Targeted Audiences

One thing that Facebook’s new algorithm does for brands is that it allows them to have more control over who can promote their name. Now, instead of simply sharing an influencer’s post about their brand, they can choose to boost it, exposing their name to far more potential customers than before. They can also choose carefully who is allowed to tag them and use their name, protecting their brand from misrepresentation.

Better use of Trusted Influencers

Facebook’s new algorithm also allows for the better use of smaller influencers. You may think that when you hear the word influencer, people think of celebrities like Demi Lovato or the Kardashians, however, micro-influencers are proving that they can do just as much, if not more for brands these days. Having a smaller influencer may seem counter-productive as they will have a much smaller follower base, however, they tend to be more closely related to their audiences and people feel they can be better trusted to be honest. Also, paying for a few smaller influencers makes it seem like a lot more people are talking about your brand, rather than one big influencer, further increasing the hype.

Facebook is Less Likely to Kill Ads

You may have heard recently that there has been some talk about Facebook killing ad campaigns for people who do not pay enough to keep them going. However, this seems highly unlikely because Facebook relies on its users to keep the newsfeed moving and alienating its users and influencers will ultimately hurt the platform. They know that influencers generally don’t focus solely on one platform and that if Facebook becomes difficult to work with, they will simply move to Instagram or another site to make their promotions.

So, for the next few years, influencers will become more important to brands and companies as the general public pulls back from wanting to see advertisement campaigns. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are the way to go if you are looking for influencers to promote your brands. There will obviously be pros and cons to any features that these sites bring out, but they are definitely the way to go in the future for brands and promoters. Finding the best way to marry an influencer’s audience and style with your own ad campaigns, and the sites amplifying capabilities is the new way to get to the customers you need.