10 Surefire Tips to Building a Professional Model Portfolio


A modeling portfolio is a collection of photographs that showcases a model’s range, versatility, and unique style. A great modeling portfolio is essential for landing modeling gigs and attracting potential clients. Below are some useful tips on how to create an outstanding modeling portfolio.

Research photographers

The first step in creating a great modeling portfolio is researching photographers in your area. Look for photographers with experience shooting models and a style that aligns with yours. You can also seek out advice from other models or industry professionals.

Hire a professional photographer

Once you have found a photographer, it’s time to hire them to shoot your portfolio. It’s crucial to hire a professional photographer who has experience shooting models and can help you create a portfolio that showcases your unique style and personality.

Choose your outfits carefully

When selecting outfits for your portfolio, choose clothes that highlight your best features and fit your body type. You should also consider the type of modeling you want to do and choose outfits that align with that style.

Have a variety of poses

A great modeling portfolio should have a variety of poses that showcase your range and versatility. Experiment with different poses and expressions to show off your personality and unique style.

Include headshots

In addition to full-body shots, it’s important to include headshots in your modeling portfolio. Headshots should be simple and clean, with minimal makeup and a neutral background.

Use natural lighting

When shooting your modeling portfolio, it’s important to use natural lighting whenever possible. Natural lighting can create a softer, more natural look flattering your skin tone.

Keep it simple

When designing your modeling portfolio, it’s important to keep it simple and clean. Avoid cluttered backgrounds and distracting props that detract from the focus on you.

Consider video

In addition to still photos, consider including a video in your modeling portfolio. Video can showcase your personality and range even more than still photos and can be especially effective for models looking to do commercial or acting work.

Be selective

When choosing photos to include in your modeling portfolio, be selective and only include your best work. You should aim for quality over quantity, with a portfolio of around 10-15 photos.

Keep it up to date

Finally, it’s important to keep your modeling portfolio up to date. Update it regularly with new photos and experiences to show you are actively working and growing as a model.

Creating an outstanding modeling portfolio takes time, effort, and attention to detail. Using these pointers, you can create a portfolio showcasing your style and personality and helps you stand out in a competitive industry.

Must-See Event Of The Week: The Official Crowning of Miss Eco Australia 2023

What: Witness the official crowning of our Miss Eco Australia 2023 – Naomie White as she begins to promote eco-tourism and become the goodwill ambassador of our country!

Miss Eco International is an International Beauty competition that brings together representatives of different cultures and traditions from all over the world Its main objective is to promote the importance of saving our planet environmentally in addition to marketing tourism across the world, this competition focuses on the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit of all the candidates that represent all the countries from all over the world.

Where: Proxima Headquarters (2 Australia Ave, Olympic Park)

When: Sunday, 19th February 2023

Meet The Rising Star Behind The Cover Of The January 2023 Issue Of Model & Mode Magazine: Ellie Bojarski

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Ellie was born on 10.1.2011 to proud parents Lisa and Frank Bojarski, Jr. She has an older brother Kody Bojarski who was one and a half years old at that time.

Ellie lost her mother when she was just five weeks old, who suffered from post-natal depression and committed suicide after she was born—followed by the loss of her father, who tragically died in an accident. Both kids have lived with their grandparents since then and were raised by them. Luckily, both kids had a large family circle consisting of aunties, uncles, and many cousins – they were surrounded by a close and loving family.

Ellie grew up attending all the meetings, events, and community work that grandma does because she’s actively involved with passion and dedication. She loves dancing to Jazz, tap, ballet, and hip-hop. She has been dancing since she was two and a half years old at the Decadance Academy. When she was three years old, she performed tap and Jazz dance at the Relay for Life for the Cancer Council of NSW, Fairfield City – it was her first community participation. She was also one of the angels of the yearly Santacruzan and Flores de Mayo event till she was seven years old at the FilOz Liverpool and Districts Inc. – a non for profit organisation. Cancer Council of NSW Relay for Life is a yearly involvement of Ellie through dancing and helping her grandmother behind the scenes, as she has been a committee member for the last 20 years. She helps at the Hope Ceremony, which is the day’s highlight.

Ellie has helped her grandmother at the FilOz group and affiliates by sending food and goods to the Philippines during floods and calamities. She loved packing up boxes with toys for the kids. She was one of the founding participants at the Children’s Festival of Sydney in 2016, proudly representing the Philippines wearing Filipiniana attire. Children’s Festival of Sydney is a huge yearly event held at The Rocks, Revesby, and Campbelltown. Ellie enjoys swimming, push biking, dancing, ice skating, and watching movies. She’s shy but loves playing with her cousins anytime. Some of Ellie’s awards throughout the years include Mini Miss Australia 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria Global United International Beauty Pageant, and USA Miss Little Global United International 2018 Lifetime Ambassador.

FOMA 2022: Standout Moments From The 2022 Fashion Show

FOMA 2022 was an event not to miss. Thirty-six cultures were represented, seven exhibitions, eight ambassadors, four foreign government collaborations, six initiatives, two business growth stories, and 41 faces of FOMA.

Set in the Powerhouse Museum – it was a celebration where a live runway show and a fashion experience took place.

Amongst flashing lights, media coverage, and music – several designers and artists participated at FOMA 2022, such as BULUUY MIRRII By Colleen Tighe Johnson, Karis Zanetta The Label By Karis Zanetta Cheng, Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission (Australia and New Zealand), The Bowerbirds by Sally Jackson, My Paloma by Founder Eliana Gamboa-Chapman, Lena Kasparian The Label by Lena Kasparian, Tatyana Anderson in Collaboration with Wendy Scully Millinery and Vivian Chan Shaw The Label. It was a great night filled with world-class fashion and entertainment.

Check out some of the photos from the event below, courtesy of Victor Hawk.

AACTA Awards 2022 Red Carpet: Return Of The Glitz, Glam And Gowns

The red carpet was rolled out in Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion 2 days ago as the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards held its official ceremony for 2022. The cream of the crop in the Australian Entertainment industry attended Australia’s night of nights, as the who’s who of show business gathered to celebrate the best in TV and cinema.

If you want to see all the glitz and glam at the 2022 AACTA Awards then scroll down below.

Meet The Rising Star Behind The Cover Of The November 2022 Issue Of Model & Mode Magazine: Helena Ristevski

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Helena Ristevski is a stunning 16-year-old beauty queen who was recently crowned Miss Teen World Universal 2022.

Helena got into the pageantry world because her mother and her friends are beauty queens themselves, so they naturally encouraged her to enter a pageant. Eventually, she got discovered by Robbie Canner, a highly respected pageant queen in Australia and the National Director of Miss World Universal, and thus far, she has guided Helena into the ins and outs of the pageant world.

Model & Mode magazine recently caught up with Helena to discuss her journey in the industry so far, and here’s what went down:

What do you like most about being a beauty queen?

What I love most about being a beauty queen is getting dressed in beautiful gowns and getting my hair and makeup done. I love that joining a pageant has given me so much confidence on stage; I have become a very confident public speaker. I also love meeting new people; I’ve become lifelong friends and Sash sisters with some of the queens I’ve met.

Downside to being a beauty queen?

The downside of being a beauty queen is my age being 16 years old. Some of my peers don’t understand pageantry, which could result in bullying. Still, I take control of the situation and spin it in a positive light by helping my community and supporting charity events.

What has been the most memorable experience of being in the pageant industry so far?

There have been many memorable experiences in the pageant industry so far. I have been invited to many charity balls and events, and I have also been featured in several newspapers and magazines. But my highlight was being interviewed on the radio station by Fitzy and Wippa.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

It would have to be Fitzy and Wippa, the radio hosts, former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, and former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while in the pageant industry. This can be about the industry or about yourself.

The most valuable lesson I have learned while in the pageant industry is confidence, the way you carry yourself walking, public speaking, etc.

But the most important thing is being your true self and being proud of who you are.

Working in an industry whose only emphasis is on the outside characteristics of a person, how have you stayed grounded?

I stay grounded by keeping busy at school and in my extracurricular activities. I also have my family, especially my little brother, who keeps me grounded.

Is your family supportive of you being in the pageant industry?

My family is my biggest supporter and fan club. They have travelled around the country with me to compete in pageants.

What are your future plans? Inside pageantry or out of it.

My future plan is to complete my education. I want to study Law and political science and go into politics. I’m also doing a lot of modelling, stemming from the pageants I’ve joined. My ultimate goal from all this is to represent Australia in the Miss Universe pageant one day.

Event Of The Week: Cover ModelQuest 2022

What: Cover ModelQuest is one of the most prestigious modelling competitions in the land down under to date. It’s the quest to discover Australia’s most promising models where contestants compete in their own choice of beach wear, theme costume, and after-five fashion. There are no height or size restrictions. The top 3 models selected during the finals will be shot exclusively for the next issue of StarCentral Magazine, with the male and female winners becoming the cover of the next issue.

Where: Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel (241 O’Riordan St, Mascot NSW 2020)

When: November 12, 2022

Tickets via this link: Cover ModelQuest 2022

Meet The Woman Behind The Cover Of The October 2022 Issue Of Model & Mode Magazine: Diana Omuoyo

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Diana Omuoyo is the reigning Ms. World Universal 2022. She’s a multicultural and multi-lingual IT professional passionate about promoting inclusion, equality, STEM, and quality education.

Diana’s involvement and commitment to the community have always been a key part of her life because it gives her purpose and a sense of belonging. She stays active by supporting socio-economic causes globally, being an ambassador to change, and continuing to raise awareness on critical issues.

Because of her deep passion and aspirations in the community, a friend suggested that she enter a pageant as a way to expand her dimensions in philanthropy. She had never imagined joining a pageant before, so she was initially surprised by the recommendation because of her lack of industry knowledge. She then researched pageantry, got a better understanding, and gained insights into how most platforms are founded on service to the community and philanthropy.

So, when the opportunity to join Ms. World Universal came up, It was an easy decision for her primarily because the platform’s mission and vision aligned with her goals, passions, and values. The rest, you can say, is history.

Model & Mode magazine recently caught up with Diana to discuss her journey in the pageant industry, and here’s what went down:

What do you like most about being a beauty queen?

Winning a title is a humbling experience; most people don’t realize that it is synonymous with leadership and service to others. As a modern woman of colour, I am navigating the world amidst the challenges of social & cultural norms that continue to divide the community. As Ms. World Universal and a beauty queen, I am privileged to have a platform I can leverage to promote causes, spread awareness, and impart change.

Pageantry has also afforded me great opportunities to participate in the community, charity, and social events where I have met like-minded individuals. Throughout this journey, I continue to grow and learn a lot about myself as I interact and share with people from all walks of life.

Downside to being a beauty queen?

One of my personal challenges is juggling a demanding full-time job, personal/community commitments, hobbies, family/friends, and the title holder’s duties. However, because this role is very important to me, I always make time to be present and committed, which simply means multi-tasking and better time management.

One of the downsides I experience regularly is that, while pageants continue to gain popularity, there is still some lingering stigma about beauty queens and pageantry. So, I constantly debunk myths and educate others about my title and platform. I stay grounded in the knowledge that even if I may fail to change the perception of some, it is still important for me to continue to stand in my truth for my purpose and the vision for my title as a beauty queen.

What has been the most memorable experience of being in the pageant industry so far?

I have had many monumental experiences and milestones on the journey to Ms. World Universal. The most memorable one so far was at a charity event where I met and chatted with mothers from a minority community who expressed the hope that their daughters – by seeing someone that looks like them on a platform like this – would be inspired to believe that they too can dare to dream big and chase their dreams. This highlighted the importance of representation and just how impactful it is for our underrepresented communities. At that very moment, I knew that my decision to join the pageant world was right.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

I have interacted with so many people over the last couple of years across various domains – NGOs, Fashion, Media, Pageantry, Founders, Sports, Leaders, and Community Advocates, among others. Everyone brings a unique view of the world and diverse perspectives. The one thing that has been a common denominator in many of these interactions has been the shared passion for giving back – that was unsurprising yet an interesting discovery.

The experience so far has been quite insightful, and I look forward to continuing to learn from others.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while in the pageant industry? This can be about the industry or about yourself.

I started my pageant career comparatively late, so gaining a deeper understanding of the meaning and power of the crown was one of the major learnings on my journey. I always thought that in order to enter or even win a title, I would have to change to become ‘pageant worthy’ [Whatever that means]. But, throughout the process, I realized I just needed to be my authentic self and showcase the strengths and leadership traits I already have that make me a great title holder.

While the quest for the title is, in fact, a competition, the title[s] do come with a lot of responsibility. So, on a personal level, it has forced me to map out my primary focus and the goals I want to achieve with this title. I now represent Ms. World Universal, myself, and the organizations I support, and I want to be remembered as a selfless person, fearless in the pursuit of her dreams, a great friend, someone that was a positive role model that used her voice to influence positive change that made an impact in other people’s lives.

Working in an industry whose only emphasis is on the outside characteristics of a person, how have you stayed grounded?

It’s definitely a tough industry to be in, and it is sometimes hard to deal with harsh criticisms without taking things personally. It takes a lot of support, self-compassion, positive affirmation, and inner strength to rise above the negativity and judgment that is honestly usually just surface level.

To stay grounded, I remind myself why I joined pageantry and the goals I strive to achieve. This keeps me focused and motivated to navigate the daunting aspects of the industry. Focusing my energy on the positives, the learnings, and the road ahead has been a constant ‘saving grace.’ It has also become extremely important for me to maintain overall mental wellbeing and good physical health instead of trying to fit into a superficial mold. I wake up every day and choose to love the space I occupy and the body I am in, and this journey of self-love is one I am hoping others will learn to embrace as well.

Is your family supportive of you being in the pageant industry?

My decision to join the pageant world surprised a lot of people, but I am lucky to have had a lot of support from friends and family along the way.

What are your future plans? Inside pageantry or out of it.

On a personal note, I plan to spend more time mentoring and advocating for & mentoring women of color, underrepresented communities, and young adults to pursue Technology and Engineering careers. My ultimate goal and ambition are to have a seat on a board of a charity organization / foundation where I can leverage my experiences and passions for philanthropy to continue to support Education, Equality, Inclusion and STEM initiatives on a local and global scale.

I stand firm in the belief that Education plays a key role in socio-economic wellbeing within our communities and that technology is one way to create a pathway for everyone to access quality learning. Another aspect of this is understanding that Education is not just limited to textbook/school learning but also includes knowledge sharing around cultural & societal issues. It is important to continue to create awareness around the dangers of exclusion, discrimination, the single story, and bias.

For my year in reign, I also look forward to continuing to work with the Ms World Universal Director and pageant network to support their plan for the year and fulfill all other duties as defined by the pageant organization, leveraging my network and social media platforms to promote my cause[s] and expand my reach.

Event To Watch Out For In 2022: The Global Elite Fashion Festival

What: The first-ever GEFF (Global Elite Fashion Festival) is set to hit Sydney on Saturday, October 22, and we can’t be more excited!

Global Elite Fashion Festival is a platform pioneered by Global Elite Media Group and GEQ Magazine in collaboration with StarCentral Magazine, Flagcom group, and Millionaires Alliance. It provides a sustainable platform for international and emerging designers that effectively engage with Australia’s diverse communities and presents an opportunity for designers to showcase their uniqueness and cultural nuances.

There will be three incredible events on October 22; The Australian Golden Sash Awards – the Oscars of beauty pageants will be happening first at 4 pm, followed by the Global Elite Fashion Festival then lastly, Global Elite International Awards.

When: Saturday, October 22. (Program starts at 4 pm for the Australian Golden Sash Awards)

Where: Sir Stamford Plaza Grand Ballroom (241 O’Riordan St, Mascot NSW 2020)

Tickets: Please contact Sue Turner – 0402 281 721

Introducing Zyler – Smart & Realistic Virtual Clothing Try-On

Powered by AI, Zyler is set to transform the way we shop for clothes. Shoppers can now see themselves in hundreds of outfits. Just a photo and sizing information needed.

Anthropics Technology presents Zyler – AI-powered virtual fitting technology for shoppers and retailers that allows customers to try on hundreds of outfits quickly and easily on a smartphone, desktop or in store. A selfie and a few measurements are all that is needed. Simple and fun, Zyler transforms customers’ shopping experience, creating a virtual fitting room. Customers can discover their style and fit remotely. Zyler’s patented technology uniquely produces personal results.


  • can use technology on their phone, desktop and in-store
  • try on clothes from hundreds of brands or a certain brand
  • find the best fit and style
  • save time shopping

Fashion brands and retail

  • improve shoppers’ experience
  • increase intent to purchase and sale conversion
  • increase social media shares
  • improve brand engagement
  • minimize returns
  • Try On Displays, Catalogue and Product Style Discovery, Sales Assistant Helper, and a Quick Try-On Scanner are some of the solutions

Zyler enables shoppers to try on clothing in a variety of styles right on their phones or desktops, before making a purchase. Users test different outfits on themselves virtually – to see what suits them, to find their style, and to save time shopping – uniquely, all with their own shape and size taken into account. With a large proportion of clothing purchases and sales made online now, consumers and retailers can enhance their shopping experience by using Zyler.

Zyler’s patented technology, based on the latest cutting-edge research, has precision and accuracy down to the hips, legs, waist, chest, arms, and even shoulder and head measurements. Clothing details from the original image (e.g. texture, colour, hem, or sleeve length) as well as facial features, skin tone, body shape, and overall fit are uniquely taken into account for a realistic try-on experience. Shoppers can try on hundreds of outfits – from casual wear to evening gowns and wedding dresses. These features have not been seen in virtual try-on technology before. Zyler is the most realistic clothing try-on solution to date, utilizing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.

CEO of Anthropics, Alexander Berend, leading the development of the product, says: “Zyler continues to evolve and succeed in enriching the ecommerce industry”.

Try-On Displays, Catalogue and Product Style Discovery, Sales Assistant Helper, and a Quick Try-On Scanner are some of the other uses of the technology.

This article was sourced from a media release sent by Marina Wainright @ anthropics