Get To Know Instagram Superstar Stephanie Hunt

Being a model can be difficult, often requiring people to make tough sacrifices. However, it can also prove to be a highly rewarding experience. For Stephanie Hunt, modeling has allowed her to travel around the world, get involved with high profile names such as Guess, Revlon, designer Melba Aros, Lady Jayne, Toscow Jewelery, celebrity hairstylist, David Babaii and magazines such as Camilla, RUSSH, Cosmopolitan, and FTV as well as meet a lot of interesting new people.

Stephanie has certainly proven that she can rely not only on her looks for her success but also on her focus, drive, and ambition. Added to that is a healthy dollop of good sense! ‘Challenges’ are a normal part of working as a model (“Modeling has definitely thickened up my skin!”) and to Stephanie, one’s attitude towards them will define you, “love and believe in yourself! I know that sounds so corny, but it can be really tough being around intimidatingly successful and gorgeous people and still feel as though you fit the bill.”

According to Stephanie, the biggest factor that determines how successful you will be is how much you want to succeed. Along with this strong passion, you should have a strong sense of integrity. Often, these values will have a bigger impact on your potential success than your looks. You should also take as many opportunities as you can, which will allow you to build your network. For many young models, a strong network is more important than seeing financial returns. In addition, it’s key to master social media. This is becoming increasingly important, allowing you to send a clear message to your fans. Once you’ve chosen your brand, use each post to re-enforce it. Social media also allows you to build a strong platform to get more people interested in your brand. You should use this tool to connect with your audience.

Stephanie’s early struggles with low self-esteem have served to spur this young entrepreneur ever onwards. She not only juggles her modeling career with her fulltime job but she also regularly volunteers at an animal shelter! It “serves as a great reminder of what my priorities should be, and what really matters in life. Having a  healthy balance between work, my personal life, and my volunteering has been the key to staying grounded for me.”

That healthy balance seems to be her recipe for success as well with many plans in the works for this talented (she speaks French and plays the piano!) young lady. But to Stephanie, it will always be “that with self-belief, hard work, dedication and a lot of resilience, you really can achieve anything.”

Find Out More About Instagram Superstar Lindsey Pelas

Best known as “Instagram’s Ultimate Southern Belle,” and one of MAXIM’s favourite girls, world-renowned supermodel and social media mogul Lindsey Pelas is finally releasing her highly anticipated lifestyle podcast, “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas.”

Busty, blonde, and brainy, Pelas takes her more than 11+ million combined social media fans on a wild ride discussing her take on life, pop culture, the ins and outs of Hollywood from her perspective. “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas” promises to give her adoring fans, new listeners, and haters a new perspective on the modern-day bombshell, and make them see past the perfect platinum blonde hair and bikini body.

When Lindsey isn’t busy working on expanding her empire, recording her podcast, or modeling around the world, she enjoys cooking and keeping her body fit by hiking, cycling, weightlifting and aerial yoga. She is heavily involved with charities close to her heart including Baby Buggy LA and visiting underprivileged youth in Florida. She also recently teamed up with CRUBOX in Los Angeles as a part of her workout routine and hosted a grand opening of the gym to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Model & Mode Magazine recently sat down with Lindsey Pelas courtesy of the Anderson Group to find out more about her and here’s what went down.

1 How were you actually ‘discovered’?

I feel like I sort of discovered myself because no one ever suggested I move to LA and try to make it, haha! In college, I had an obsession with glamour, celebrities, and modeling and I just thought it felt right.

2 What do you like most about being a model and a social media personality?

I really enjoy the learning opportunities. I am so lucky to get to meet people that are in incredible positions of success. Listening to advice and just learning from extraordinary people is definitely my favourite perk. The traveling isn’t too bad either…

3 What first interested you in modeling?

I was always fascinated by pop stars growing up. When I got older that translated to professional cheerleaders, swimsuit models, beauty pageants and Playboy Playmates. I think I’ve always been obsessed with dressing up, glamour and women who were the centre of attention lol Modeling was a natural fit.

4 What made you decide to make it into a career?

When Instagram began, I posted a lot of selfies and got interest from photographers in California. I never imagined I could make a career of it, but once I moved to Hollywood everything kind of took off! I quit my bartending job as soon as endorsements and modeling jobs paid more!

5 When did your career start?

I’d say my career truly began three years ago when I moved to Los Angeles.

6 What do you enjoy most about modeling?

I enjoy the glamour and the opportunity to be creative.

7 We note that you have more than seven million followers on Instagram- what is your secret to gaining a lot of followers?

My secret is to be authentic. People can tell if you’re faking who you are or what you’re about. I say – always be yourself.

8 What sort of marketing do you do to make your image and brand more appealing to the audience?

I think I just behave authentically, not so much trying to appeal to anyone. In fact, being authentic naturally draws some people away from me sometimes, haha! I only want an audience that is there for the real me, it’s really not a marketing plan.

9 How active are you on social media? Do you interact with your fans a lot on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.?

I’m pretty active on most platforms although I’ve steered away from Snapchat a lot. Not a big fan of the update. I’m mostly active on Twitter! I tweet a lot and often.

10 What is your favourite social media platform?

Definitely Twitter!

11 Can you please tell us what your lifestyle podcast, “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas” is all about?

Sure! I started a podcast to discuss life, pop culture and what it’s really like to be a southern girl living in LA. I really wanted to do something for my followers to get to know me better. I’ve got amazing special guests lined up and so many fun topics to cover! I can’t wait to see where it goes.

12 What’s your inspiration for this new venture?

Honestly, people always told me I needed one! When I was a guest on other shows the hosts always said I had a knack for it and should start my own. I love the idea that I can relate to people on a more personal, mindful level.

13 How do you feel about paving the way and creating new jobs, for millennials?

I definitely feel a sense of pressure when it comes to creating jobs and millennials. The internet is such a new and fast-paced way of life for humans and I’m nervous, but excited to see how quickly our lives and sense of “traditional” career change.

14 Do you have a specific inspiration that keeps you going in your career?

My inspiration truly comes from within. I was always a dreamer and even voted “Most Ambitious” in high school, haha! I love learning from others, but I want just to be the best Lindsey I can be.

15 What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned. This can be about the industry or about yourself.

That’s a hard one! I’m always learning, and I take so much pride in paying attention to life lessons. I’ve learned the value of in paying attention to life lessons. I’ve learned the value of perseverance, the power of kindness and that honesty gets you everywhere in life.

16 Is your family supportive of your career?

My family is supportive of my career. As long as I’m healthy and happy, they’re fine with whatever I’m doing, haha!

17 What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

I have so many plans! Firstly, I want my new podcast to be a success. I’ve also got some campaigns and magazine covers on my wishlist! I’d love to build my brand enough to eventually be a household name. Actress, model, glamour girl, and businesswoman.


1 What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? Neutrogena Ultra Gentle daily cleanser

2 What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? I’ll probably share that one day on the podcast haha.

3 What is in your makeup bag when you travel? The basics! Primer, concealer, foundation and mascara

4 What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself I’m keeping this one a secret.

5 Your best guilty pleasure… Oreos and Real Housewives.

3 Grooming Habits Of Impeccably Groomed Models

Being a model is, undeniably, about presenting the best version of yourself in order to shine the most brilliant light onto the designer, brand or commercial enterprise that you are representing. Modeling agencies are very particular about aesthetics and usually will want to hear about any variations in your vital statistics so that there are no discrepancies and the particular needs of their clients are always met.

Therefore, keeping yourself looking good and maintaining health and fitness are always going to be on your mind. So, you can understand why being a model is often very stressful! Keeping well-groomed goes a long way in achieving excellent personal presentation. Here are some handy pointers to help keep you looking picture perfect and shoot ready at all times:

Great Skin

Taking care of your skin is of utmost importance to ensure your face provides the optimal canvas for a makeup artist. Always ensure that you remove all traces of cosmetics every night before you go to sleep (no matter how tired you may be from a day of shooting).

Sleeping in makeup clogs pores and you need to leave your skin fresh and clean while it restores itself during the night. Follow a daily and nightly routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Protect your skin during the day with an SPF to reduce sun damage and associated aging. A weekly scrub will help to remove dead skin cells and a good quality night cream (and consuming enough water) will help to keep your visage looking as plump and smooth as possible.

Beautiful Hair

Making sure that you get regular trims and treatments is important when you are a model. Hair can be put through the wringer via the work-related styling that it has to endure. All that heat damage and potential colouring (if you are a hair model you will relate to this) can have your hair looking more like straw than silky strands. Taking time out to treat your hair can be invaluable in order to restore its quality and shine.

You may opt for an in-salon treatment (the accompanying head massages are the best) or there are some simple at-home ways to give your hair a little pamper sesh. A simple mix of avocado, egg white, and coconut oil contains enough natural emollients to provide a nourishing masque. Simply pop on while you relax in the bath or perhaps while you are undertaking other beauty routines simultaneously. A savvy model always knows how to multitask!

Impeccable Nails

It’s quite necessary to keep your nails looking perfect if you are a model. Portraits involving hands require nails that are uniform and aesthetically pleasing. No one wants to see some ugly claws next to a beautiful face in a photograph. Acrylic nails may be the easiest way to achieve this, however, they can result in unhealthy natural nails. Shellac on natural nails can be a slightly less damaging alternative. If you are going to go natural then regular manicures are a must. Invest in a nourishing treatment for nails and perhaps a strengthener to keep them going day in and day out without chips and breakages.

Facebook Influencers: Should You Use Them For Your Brand Or Not??

Last year Facebook introduced some new features to promote social media influencers. Their new features make it so that influencers tag the brands they are promoting directly in their posts, meaning that campaigns come completely from the influencer which means that their followers trust the post more. Obviously, this is Facebook’s way of making more money via its influencers however, this does not mean that your brand can’t make money too. Here are a few ways that Facebook’s new features could benefit you as a brand.

More Targeted Audiences

One thing that Facebook’s new algorithm does for brands is that it allows them to have more control over who can promote their name. Now, instead of simply sharing an influencer’s post about their brand, they can choose to boost it, exposing their name to far more potential customers than before. They can also choose carefully who is allowed to tag them and use their name, protecting their brand from misrepresentation.

Better use of Trusted Influencers

Facebook’s new algorithm also allows for the better use of smaller influencers. You may think that when you hear the word influencer, people think of celebrities like Demi Lovato or the Kardashians, however, micro-influencers are proving that they can do just as much, if not more for brands these days. Having a smaller influencer may seem counter-productive as they will have a much smaller follower base, however, they tend to be more closely related to their audiences and people feel they can be better trusted to be honest. Also, paying for a few smaller influencers makes it seem like a lot more people are talking about your brand, rather than one big influencer, further increasing the hype.

Facebook is Less Likely to Kill Ads

You may have heard recently that there has been some talk about Facebook killing ad campaigns for people who do not pay enough to keep them going. However, this seems highly unlikely because Facebook relies on its users to keep the newsfeed moving and alienating its users and influencers will ultimately hurt the platform. They know that influencers generally don’t focus solely on one platform and that if Facebook becomes difficult to work with, they will simply move to Instagram or another site to make their promotions.

So, for the next few years, influencers will become more important to brands and companies as the general public pulls back from wanting to see advertisement campaigns. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are the way to go if you are looking for influencers to promote your brands. There will obviously be pros and cons to any features that these sites bring out, but they are definitely the way to go in the future for brands and promoters. Finding the best way to marry an influencer’s audience and style with your own ad campaigns, and the sites amplifying capabilities is the new way to get to the customers you need.