The Guide: Shopping To Change Your Body Shape

You’ve long been told to shop for your shape. But, what about shopping to change your shape? I mean, zipping it all in where it needs to zip in and popping it all out exactly where it needs to be popped out…to be a real-life Jessica Rabbit by sheer virtue of your wardrobe.

One minute you’re feeling a little flabby and the next you’re va va voom perfect, wondering why anyone would ever bother sweating it out at the gym when garments can take care of all that for you? It may sound too good to be true but there are some new technologies and approaches in women’s fashion that claim to do just that.

The Butt Lift Jeans

If you’re at all attuned to pop culture you would see there’s nothing really bigger right now than having a big butt. Nicky Minaj sets a high precedent for achieving a peachy ripe ‘ol behind. It may be genetics, it may be squats or it may be something more. However, there is more than one way to get the perfect butt that you desire.

Consider your regular old jeans and the way your butt looks in them. Does it look a bit flatter than you would hope? Does it take on a life of its own when you sit down? Does your butt definitely have more potential than your jeans are giving it credit for?

Salvation comes in a garment inspired by Latino fashions. The Butt Lift Jean is an item designed to contour and curve your most precious of assets (pardon the pun). By way of some very clever design and stitching, Butt Lift Jeans shape and place your butt in a position that looks nothing short of delicious. No butts about it.

All jokes aside, the Butt Lift Jean is a remarkable example of how to perk up and shape your body simply by way of your wardrobe.

The Waist Trainer

Has the Waist Trainer been appearing on your Facebook newsfeed of late? It’s highly likely considering the power of this current trend. Celebrity devotees (such as Khloe Kardashian) have been employing the slightly controversial technique of waist-cinching to achieve the ultimate hourglass figure. It’s reminiscent of the days of corsets when a waspish waist was the de rigeur of the times.

The Waist Trainer can be worn while working out or during your normal routine. It’s essentially a corset that can be leveled up (notch by notch) to achieve a slimmer waistline. Detractors do point to concerns about the comfort of wearability and possible damage to internal organs. There are several options available in the material used that affect the restrictive element (such as latex for hardcore waist-trimming) or a more pliant day-to-day material that can ever be worn at night.

Waist cinching is certainly a popular trend and a lot of fans praise the ability of the garment to support posture and to even improve muscular issues. A lot of “before and after” pictures exist that support the idea that a Waist Trainer can reduce the circumference of the torso region with repeated usage. Another reported benefit is that the use of the garment considerably reduces food volume intake.

Getting an enviable svelte midsection without needing to do a ton of push-ups seems like a dream come true. The only way to know if a Waist Trainer really works? Try one for yourself!

The Bandage Dress

The Bandage Dress has been certainly around for a while now. But, nothing beats it for creating the most desirable contours. The trend started with the original Herve Leger designs (worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt) and trickled down to the public with many copies by various brands made readily available.

The best quality Bandage Dresses are quite heavy due to the nature of the fabric that sucks you in exactly like (you guessed it) a bandage. They are made with Nylon – a textile that adds crucial strength and resistance to damage.

There are no shortage of designs and colours available and variations of style including: long gowns; long sleeve dresses; tops and skirts. They are a reliable ‘go to’ for a night out, keeping you feeling in place and perfect (even after a large meal or too many drinks). When it comes to beating the bloat – or at least camouflaging it – Bandage Dresses are a girl’s best friend.

You can’t go past the classic Bandage Dress when it comes to an instant fashion fix for your figure.

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