5 Ways to Achieve Perfect Skin and Gorgeous Hair

Do you ever wonder how your co-worker always has fantastic hair and skin? Her secret is a customized skin and hair care routine. There are five basic care techniques required for that perfect look.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Both your skin and your hair need moisturizing. Drink plenty of water, use hydrating skincare products and hydrating conditioner. Last, ask your stylist to recommend the type of hair product to use based on your hair. The options are paste, fiber, wax, putty, and clay. Learn what each option does to match the product to the desired result.

Create a Skin Care Routine Customized to Your Needs

The first step in creating a skincare routine is to determine your skin type. If it is dry, oily, combination, or aging, you will need products designed for that type. You need a cleanser, hydrating cream, and then moisturizer to lock the moisture in place.

Face masks are wonders. They allow the product to stay on the skin long enough to get the product’s full effectiveness. Finally, steaming, saunas or hot yoga opens up the pores and are a great time to follow up with a detoxing mask.

Protect Your Skin and Hair from Damage

An easily forgotten element is to protect your skin and hair from dehydration and damage. The basics are to use proper sunscreen, follow your skincare routine, and keep your hair clean. Use a detangling brush to limit breakage and only use UV or heated tools sparingly.

Add Beautiful Luster, Shine and Youth

Besides regular washing and hydrating, there are other steps to take to project the best image., When rubbing creams into your face, do so in an upward motion. If needed, use ice water to reduce swelling. Limit hair washing to twice a week.

Shampoo removes impurities and oils, but also good oils and minerals. If you need to remove dirt or oil more often, a water rinse or dry shampoo works fine.

If you have damaged hair, a small bit of hair oil will go a long way to prevent dehydration and keep stray hairs down.

Apply conditioner before a workout and only mid-length and on the ends of your hair. Putting it on the scalp will make your hair greasier. Rinse it out after your workout for hydrated, shiny hair.

Remove Dirt and Impurities

Follow the recommended use of cleansers as simply spreading and rinsing is not sufficient to remove impurities. For additional assistance, pimple patches are great. They pull out impurities and stick them to the patch. If a rinse will not remove extra hair products, use conditioner between shampoos.

Have the Proper Tools

Use different brushes for thick, coarse, curly, fine, colored, oily, or African or Caribbean hair. Get the one you need, not your roommates. Also, have a different brush for each purpose, such as drying and styling.

Now you are set to outshine that annoyingly perfect co-worker. Work this into your overall self-care routine, so it becomes a habit. Once set, you will not forget to do the task.